Sunday, Jun. 16, 2019

Professional Design Tools Make Roots of Health Flower in the Philippines

By Bea Dominguez

Roots of Health is a US based organization that provides health and reproductive...


Using Technology to Build a More Accountable Bosnia and Herzegovia

By Bea Dominguez

Darko Brkan is mobilizing Eastern Europe.

The civic movement he started, “Dosta!” (“Enough!” in Serbian), and its parent organization, " Zašto ne?" ("Why not?"), have risen as a...

Sumir Saini

What I Learned About Social Media at Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF)

By Sumir Saini

Summer is the time for relaxing in the sun, swimming, traveling . . . and building your skills with internships. We asked who in our community had an...


Kudos to TechSoup from Amazon Watch

By Bea Dominguez

Atossa Soltani, Executive Director at Amazon Watch, caught up with TechSoup's Online Community and Social Media Director, Susan Tenby. 

Amazon Watch is a nonprofit organization founded in 1996 to protect the...

A Nugget from the Archives

New Forum Categories on TechSoup!

By Michael DeLong

We've done some remodeling on the TechSoup forums! Thanks to our forums manager Jayne Cravens, we've streamlined down from more than 20 categories to just 15.

We've said goodbye to a few beloved categories such as "Volunteers and...


From the Field

Meet Julie Navejas

It's almost goes without saying that the folks who work at TechSoup (also known as 'Soupers) are passionate about nonprofits and causes. This passion extends beyond the hours of 9 and 5. When we asked to hear a little bit about the organizations the 'Soupers volunteer at, we got a flood of fantastic responses.

Here's how program coordinator...


Member Spotlights

Monique Richert of Protect Yourself One

Monique Richert from Protect Yourself 1 talks about how TechSoup helps her organization in a number of ways. Software from Intuit and Microsoft keeps things organized, Adobe products help create effective marketing campaigns, and the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life provides a dynamic way to engage youth in HIV prevention.

Matt Fitzgerald of

From the Forums

Voices from the Community: Security

The Internet is great because it connects us all so easily and allows us to so easily share information. 

The Internet is horrible because it connects us all so easily and allows us to so easily share information. 

Sharing information — it's both a blessing and a curse when it comes to computers and other...

Meet TechSoup Forum Expert Host: Sasha Daucus

Event Recaps

Imagining Apps for a Better World at Mozilla Ignite App Challenge Idea Jam

What happened when TechSoup gathered a room full of nonprofit and library professionals, social entrepreneurs, and programmers together on a recent Thursday?

A range of highly innovative ideas emerged for potential new apps that would benefit from ultra high-speed Internet speeds.

The ideas addressed major areas of concern for the U.S.:...

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